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Top Reviewer
delicious wraps. food came on time to and I'm pretty far from them.

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2 reviews
I saw this place on insider food a month ago and have been craving it ever since. Just noticed them last night on seamless and I literally planned my dinner at the moment for today hahaha. The pizza showed up in 35 minutes. Actually ahead of the scheduled time. I went classic out of the box because you can't judge a place without having their plain slice. The crust was perfection. It was light and crisp with so much air in the middle. I haven't had a crust that light and fulfilling in years in this city. The sauce was sweet but not like that gross candy style. They apparently don't add sugar which you can tell. It has a very natural sweetness. The cheese was perfectly melted and not greasy. Must be high quality. This was literally a perfect New York slice. Thank you sofia Pizza Shoppe for opening in my neighborhood. I will certainly be ordering again very soon!!!!


Top Reviewer
The Shrimp Parmesan wrap is so simple, yummy and unique. Its comfort food carbohydrate goodness.


4 reviews
Great food, when making a custom order they do fantastic.


3 reviews
Southern comfort wrap and plaintains, mmm amazing


Top Reviewer
Have ordered a few times, always delicious

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